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Kim_s anal romance

W Cramer

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Kim_s anal romance


Jesus, Christ, I thought as I left my office and headed towards the subway. Tomorrow is the first day of my vacation. Five glorious weeks. It was a beautiful evening. Even the subway couldn't take away any of my excitement with its crowds of hot, sweating, tired people all going home after their day's work.

A half hour later, I was in my bedroom, stripped naked. I looked at my body in the mirror. For twenty-six years of age I was looking pretty damn good. My boobs were still nice and firm, capped with cherry red nipples, my waist was still nice and slender and I was an expert in the art of fucking and giving all the pleasure I could with my nice, tight cunt.

The thought of fucking, of having a nice, hard cock buried, no, slamming inside my cunt hole was enough to make the juices start oozing. Closing my eyes, I pressed my hand to my pussy and guided a finger to my wet gash. I moaned softly, to myself, as I grazed over the erect nub of my throbbing clitoris. After a moment I walked into the bathroom. I was hot and sweaty from the trip home from work and a cool shower was what I needed most.

Bending over, I turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. Stepping into the stall I closed the curtain and then stood under the cascading water.

The cold water splashing down on me sent shivers racing up and down my spine. My nipples were hard and puckered, throbbing with desire. Standing under the water, I caressed one soft mound in my hand, gently squeezing the turgid tip. At the same time, I reached down and gently stroked my wet pussy.

When I finally felt sufficiently cooled off I turned off the water and stepped out of the stall. Wrapping a towel around myself, I left the bathroom and walked back into the bedroom. Lying down on the bed, I spread my legs wide and unwrapped the towel. I looked down the length of my body, watching my tits rise and fall with each breath. Below that lay my dark tuft of pussy hair.

Absentmindedly, I began to stroke my inner thighs, enjoying the pleasurable sensations that ran through me. Slowly my fingers moved closer and closer to my open cunt. I sighed softly as I touched my cunt lips. I opened my legs further and pressed one finger to the hot, inner meat. At the same time, another finger slid down my ass crack and pressed against my blossoming ass hole.

As I touched my finger to my ass hole the juice began to pour from my cunt. Letting the juice run from my pussy down the crack of my ass, I then smeared the slippery fluid all around the entrance to my rectum, all the while moaning softly to myself.

Slowly, I began to slide my index finger into the warm depths of my rear, thrilling to the feeling of having to shit. Deeper… deeper until finally I was all the way in. I could go no farther. Now it was time for my cunt. With another finger, I pressed against my swollen, wet cunt hole and slowly slid it all the way in. While, with my free hand, I squeezed and molded the soft, quivering mounds of my tits, I began to slowly slide my fingers in and out of my hole, faster and faster, until finally, I exploded in a luxurious orgasm, drowning my hand with a warm load of come.