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The honeymoon couple

W Mcelroy

Winston McElroy

The honeymoon couple


Lifting a steaming mug of welcome black coffee to his lips, Frank Paynter smiled across the rustic table at the voluptuous brunette, his clear, brown eyes lingering, liking what he saw, as he lied glibly.

"My horse went lame on me."

"Had you run Toby in the snow?" Charlotte Harding asked. She knew that the roan gelding wasn't lame. Having just helped her hunting lodge guest to unsaddle the big red horse, she would have noticed anything wrong with Toby when she had put him in his stall.

"No," he answered then offered another excuse. "It's a lousy day for hunting. Too much snow…"

"It's easier to track the game… elk especially."

"The fact is that I wanted to come back," Frank admitted.