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Young Debbie Martin glanced impatiently from the TV to the front door. Do I have time? She wondered. Daddy'll be home soon. She visualized her son's handsome, smooth muscled body and found herself growing even hornier.

This has got to stop, she told herself, feeling her face burning. She was so hot and nervous that she ran into her bedroom and stripped naked as soon as she neared the bed. She failed to notice that her door was not completely closed.

Debbie spread-eagled herself on the bed and shoved two foam pillows under her plush ass. Her bushy blonde cunt faced the door, quivering with lustful excitement. Finger-fucking's so dirty, she thought, but God! How I need it! She reached for her pink pussy. The hot-assed mother felt a bit embarrassed about that part of her body, for it had earned her a nickname she despised: Loose Lips.

Years ago, a cruel girl in her gym class had called her that after catching a glimpse of the long, hanging folds projecting four or five inches from Debbie's straw-like cunt tufts. Once, her husband had even managed to twist the loose, pink flesh into a simple knot, humiliating her terribly by making her leave the lips that way while they fucked. Later, he'd untied them and stuffed them up her red, oozing cunt hole, laughing about corking up his cream.

Moaning excitedly, she pulled her heels close to her elevated butt and spread her luscious thighs wide apart. Then she peeled her juicy cunt-lips apart, folding them almost flat so that they looked like wrinkled butterfly wings. They were so large that they covered most of her pussyhair. Debbie looked down and saw her clit, upright and throbbing like a beckoning finger, and placed her palm over the hot, juicy flesh of her cunt. She groaned loudly.

"Uhhhh!" The hot-assed mother stirred her fingers back and forth over her wide-spread, rosyred gash, her lush hips grinding slowly. She was so wildly excited she was unaware of what was happening around her.

"Huuuu!" she wailed, her ripe body twitching spasmodically, her big tits rolling and wobbling with the violence of her masturbation.

"Wawwww, ummm…" she sighed. She didn't hear the front door close as Danny stepped into the living room. Nor did she hear the floorboards creak as he walked down the hall towards her room.

She sighed loudly, rubbing and moaning while her face twisted in delirious joy, the pillow directly under her trembling ass was so sopping wet that long trails of her cunt honey dripped from it onto the pillow beneath.