William Taylor

The widow_s hot family


Matt Holmes ran for his life. His breath came in gasps, and his every step was an effort. Holmes turned to search the open fields behind him, half expecting to see the search parties. Then his deep, cold grey eyes scanned the silent, rolling fields ahead. Not a house or a highway in sight, just a row of telephone poles shimmering in the hot air.

"Damn!" he gasped. "I'll make it yet!"

The farm lands gradually changed to a patchwork quilt of meadows, cornfields, and low thickets. He passed small herds of grazing cattle and then came to a wide, unpaved road.

I'm going to make it! Holmes thought, swearing at those pursuing him. He stumbled over some baked, reddish-brown ruts in the cracked road and cursed again. He flailed half-heartedly at the flies swarming around him. He tripped again and fell heavily, groaning for a moment on the hot earth, his ears ringing and his eyes burning with dust. He felt his palm blister where it rested on a stone.

He stood and glared at the land, then staggered onward, looking for a place to rest for the night.


Jane Lasky was still, even in her late thirties, embarrassed by her mammoth tits. Even her nipples were larger than average, and she remembered how, as a teenager, she loved to have them sucked. It made her so horny she'd go to the nearest restroom and jerk off. She'd sit on the toilet, spread her plump white thighs, and wriggle a fingertip up her tight pussyhole. Usually, she flushed the toilet to muffle the sounds of her orgasm.

Later, when Jane discovered the kinky fun to be had watching a boy masturbate, she made her dates pull out their pricks and jerk off beside her while they were in the car. When they did, she slid her hands up her skirt and rubbed her pussy through her soaked panties. Most of her boyfriends were hesitant about showing her their peckers, and they were embarrassed about fucking their fists, but they did it because she was so pretty and because she had the largest tits in town.