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Three hot mothers

W Taylor

William Taylor

Three hot mothers


Ben Landis climbed off his wife and eyed her cum-coated twat with satisfaction. His cock was a little sore from rubbing her hairy muff so long, but he'd given Valerie two orgasms before blowing his wad. He knew he had at least two more loads in his balls, but he was tired, and just didn't feel up to making the effort.

"I'm gonna shower and watch a little TV," he said, bending and kissing Valerie's softly rounded belly. His eyes wandered up to the round tits hanging from her chest, and he kissed each soft, relaxed nipple. He never ceased to marvel at how a slender woman could have such big jugs.

"Turn out the light, Ben," Valerie mumbled sleepily, turning on her side.

Watching his father through the keyhole, Dave Landis decided this was the moment he'd been waiting for. His patience was at an end. All these years he'd been walking around with a hard-on in his pants and aching balls, but no more. Quietly opening the door, the horny teenager slipped into his parents' bedroom. Quickly, he went to the other door leading to the hall bathroom and locked it. He heard the shower running. He couldn't pull his pajama bottoms off fast enough.

His cock was throbbing heavily, aiming at the ceiling. Beneath it, his fat balls were swollen with a three-day supply of jism, the length of time he'd abstained from jerking off. Those lightly haired nuts were drawn up tight against his cockroot. He plugged in the dim nightlight he'd bought. Beneath his almost hairless chest his heart was beating wildly. He was scared, but he was so horny that it didn't matter.

Valerie mumbled as the sheet was drawn from her body. Dave knelt beside the bed and just stared at the chubby ass facing him. Pooching out at the base of her soft, white buns was the wet, hairy mound of her cunt. His mother's cunt! Dave wet his dry lips and climbed onto the bed, his lean young body molding to her lush, naked curves.

Valerie was half-asleep when she felt the hot length of cock slip under her buns and nudge her drooling pussy.

"Ohhh, Ben…" she sighed, bunching a bit and wriggling her ass until she felt the hot, bulbous head plug her hole. She hadn't expected her husband to return with a hard-on, but she was more than ready for it.

And then he shoved it in. Not slowly, savoring every bit of her wet, rippling heat as he usually did, but hard and fast, making her ass shudder.

"Ohmigod!" Valerie squealed excitedly, now completely awake. "Fuck me hard, I love it!"