We would like to thank the various people who helpfully commented on specific chapters, as well as those who gave their time, advice and encouragement. In particular:


Niall Crosson of Ecological Building Systems Ltd

Anna Carton for background research and general input


David McHugh of Pro-Air Systems

Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) and Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH)

Phil Neve of AABEN

Certification and thermal bridges

Peter Warm of WARM: Low Energy Building Practice


Mathias Häußler of ENERGATE® windows; Conor Ryan of Ambiwood


Steve Munday, Roger Estop

Living in a Passivhaus

Henrietta Lynch

Front cover image

Malcolm Baldwin

General input, support and patience!

Jonathan Williams of Williams and Partners

Editing the book and managing us!

Amanda Cuthbert and all the helpful team at Green Books, particularly Alethea Doran for her attention to detail