A L S O  B Y  G R E G O R Y C D O N A L D 


Once an investigative reporter of questionable methods, Fletch hasn’t been a practicing journalist for years, but when agents Eggers and Fabens approach him with too much information about himself and an invitation to the American Journalism Alliance convention, how could he refuse? So he finds himself enlisted as a spy among his peers. But before he can even set up his surveillance, there’s a murder. And almost everybody’s a suspect.

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Fletch is finally getting hitched, and somebody delivered a letter from his father—whom Fletch has never met—with an invitation for the couple to visit him in Nairobi for the honeymoon. But as soon as they land, the chaos begins. There’s a murder at the airport, reports of the old man’s incarceration, and the hospitality (and evasiveness) offered by Pop’s best friend, who flies them across the continent, just a step or two behind—or maybe ahead of—the old rascal.

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Fletch’s trip to Brazil wasn’t exactly planned. But he has plenty of money, thanks to a little arrangement made stateside. And it took him no time to hook up with the luscious Laura Soares. Fletch is beginning to relax, just a little. But between the American widow who seems to be following him and the Brazilian widow who’s convinced that he’s her long-dead husband, Fletch suddenly doesn’t have much time to enjoy the present.

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It might have been an accident that brought down the Boeing 707 over Boston Harbor. But it seems unlikely, with so many potential targets on board: the heavily insured Federal judge; the has-been British actor; the middleweight champ; the Middle Eastern finance minister—and it’s up to good inspector Flynn to get to the bottom of it.

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Someone is giving away hundreds of millions of dollars, and Flynn has to find out who in a hurry. As he races from Texas to Las Vegas, from Massachusetts to Russia, Flynn quickly discovers that this is neither the pastime of an eccentric billionaire nor a nefarious counterfeiting scheme. Someone is trying to wreck the nation’s economy and, bizarrely enough, is spending a lot of money to do it.

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Flynn is no stranger to the bizarre, the perverse, or the ridiculous. But when he is suddenly summoned by the Police Commissioner D’Esopo to a secret wilderness compound far outside their jurisdiction, he is a little surprised to find himself the hostage of a secret club of the nation’s most powerful and peculiar and forced to conduct a clandestine murder investigation. But before one murder is even solved, membership at the Rod and Gun club continues to drop.

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When Flynn’s barely adolescent daughter asks him to rescue her friend from the cemetery, where he’s been fastened to a tree by a nail through his earlobe, Flynn is pretty sure there’s something more behind what seems like a bully’s prank. And he’s convinced there is more than mischief involved in the threats against the Harvard professor Louis Loveson. If that weren’t enough, Lieutenant John Kurt’s impressive arrest record follows some very disturbing patterns.

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Fletch, 0-375-71354-9
Confess, Fletch, 0-375-71348-4
Fletch Won, 0-375-71352-2
Fletch and the Widow Bradley, 0-375-71351-4


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