Do some intimate activities together on a regular basis.


Yes, we are busy. No, we aren’t too busy to do some healthy intimate activities together. Mutual relations on a sexual level help with tantric massages because you will be more comfortable with each other as you do these activities together. Try some of these on for size:


  • Shower or bathe together. The tub or shower can be a little cramped but it’s fun to still experiment a little while you’re getting clean.
  • Have sex in a public place. Don’t get caught because public indecency is more than just embarrassing. However, the risk involved in having sex in a public place can be quite invigorating and thrilling!
  • Mix up the foreplay. Add some food. Bring in props. Read sexy stories to each other. Write some sexy scenes or stories for one another.
  • Watch some porn together. It is said that porn can ruin a relationship. However, that just means that they’re not using it in the right way. Usually it is used to replace an intimate connection with someone. Instead, why not use it as a way to connect with your significant other? Don’t be shy. It can be used as a way to explore the fantasies that you’ve been too shy to talk about in the past.
  • Getaway together (even for just a day). Being able to get away for a little bit can do a lot for your soul and spirit as much as it can benefit your relationship.