Critical Acclaim for Neal Asher

“British author Asher is rapidly becoming one of the major figures in 21st-century SF.”
Publishers Weekly

“Asher…projects the terror-haunted sensibility of our time into a future of limitless brutality…Asher displays great virtuosity.”
The New York Times Book Review

“Gritty. Now there’s a word you don’t often hear in connection with science fiction—and more’s the pity…This unique style is all Asher’s… deeply satisfying…. And, he leaves you eager for more…”
SF Site

“Asher’s galaxy is full of color and sleaze, and his story rattles along at high speed. There are surprises, double-crosses, elaborate lies to be seen through, astonishing escapes from certain death, and last-minute reversals. Fast-moving, edge-of-the-seat entertainment.”
—David Langford

“Asher…writes with a low-key, mordant sense of humor, never really going for over-the-top, laugh-out-loud moments. He creates a sort of dissonance with his remarkable imagination and clear prose. He’ll describe something so patently weird and oversized, something so incredible, so complex, so insanely bloody or vicious with an utter clarity and aplomb that is seemingly at odds with what we’re seeing. He charges into the absurd with a gusto that is courageous and outrageous.”
—Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column

“If anyone still imagines that likening an SF author’s work to action-thriller-horror genres means that it can’t really be SF, or that it can’t be good SF, then they need to pick up…Asher’s novels.”