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Holiday Kink

Eve Langlais

All I want for Christmas is for my husband to spank me and more. First though I’d have to tell my best friend and lover of twenty plus years that my sexual desires have changed from vanilla to kinky. But how do you explain to the man who’s always treated you like fragile china that you’d really like him to heat your ass with the palm of his hand? Never underestimate the one you love. This holiday season, my husband is about to surprise me with the greatest gift of all-understanding and fantasy fulfillment. Merry Kinky Christmas to me.

Eve Langlais

Holiday Kink

Copyright© 2010 Eve Langlais

Chapter One

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house

Not a cock was a thrusting, not even aroused.

The slaves were all hung spread eagle with care,

In hopes Master Nick soon would be there.

I, in my corset and Andrew in his strap,

Had just settled down for a well-sated nap.

I slammed my notebook shut when I heard familiar footsteps, and just in time too for Andrew came into my study-early from work for once-still dressed in his office suit.

“You’re home early.” I stated the obvious trying to give my nerves time to calm down. A few minutes earlier and I would have been caught with my hand in my cookie jar so to speak. As it was, the smell of my orgasm hung in the air, an erotic perfume my husband didn’t seem to notice. I furtively wiped my sticky fingers on my pant leg.

He shrugged. “With Christmas only a few days away, the office is almost empty and most of my clients are on vacation. Hungry?” he inquired, holding up and rattling visibly steaming bags of food.

“Starved.” I shoved my notebook under a pile of papers and stood up with a smile, which might have shone a tad too bright. The crotch of my panties was still damp from my recent bout of self-pleasure, and I wondered if the moisture would seep through my slacks. Andrew turned away from me and headed to the kitchen, oblivious to my racing heart and guilty conscience. Married for almost twenty-five years and hiding things from my husband. I didn’t know what was worse. The secret I hid or the fact he didn’t seem to perceive something was amiss. How could he not realize our relationship had changed? Or should I say, I had changed. Hell, how could he miss my flushed cheeks and the smell of my orgasm in the air?

I followed him into the dining room and not for the first time wondered why I was too scared to tell him about my clandestine thoughts and doings. Well not so much doings as researching and fantasizing. Looking at Andrew shrugging off his suit jacket and loosening his tie-the epitome of strait-laced-I restrained a sigh. I can’t tell him. He’ll think I’m a freak, or even worse, think I don’t love him, which couldn’t be further from the truth. There was no changing the reality though; I was bored with our sex life. What was left of it anyway.

We ate in silence. I shovelled tasty Chinese food into my mouth while nodding my head as Andrew related his day. I smiled in the appropriate places. I laughed at his jokes. I did so love this man who’d held the position of best friend and lover for what seemed like forever. However all the while I pretended to pay attention, my mind was in that other place. The dark place I’d discovered inside me that craved the excitement of sex, lots of sex, and not the plain vanilla variety I’d indulged in since I’d lost my virginity so long ago. I craved the kinky stuff.

Having never sowed any oats, I now clearly saw the benefit, not that I regretted my life. I just wished I’d known more, experienced more, before settling down. Andrew and I had started dating in high school a million years ago. I gave him my virginity in the standard method, in the backseat of his car with steamed windows. We never broke up or dated anyone else. We went to the same college together-well he did. I dropped out after two years to pop out the requisite boy and girl who were both grown now and off to college. I guess we could be classed as empty nesters now in our forties. Middle-aged and I’d finally hit my midlife crisis, well at least when it came to sex.

Funny, but our lack of spice in the bedroom hadn’t bothered me when I was a teen or a young mother. My dissatisfaction had only started a few years ago when the children no longer needed me, and I’d discovered I had too much free time on my hands. Around that time my libido woke up and declared, “I’m horny.” Our standard once a week suddenly wasn’t enough. Actually, even though I orgasmed, the whole act left me dissatisfied and yearning for something more.

I did what any woman does when she wants more attention but is too chicken to ask for it outright. I flaunted myself in new lingerie, which heightened my arousal even as he barely seemed to notice. When he did, off to bed we went for our predictable ten minutes. Some kissing, some fondling then the hump and bump, followed by a roll over and snore. It was a good thing I didn’t need much stimulation to come, but my orgasms felt forced and unsatisfying. And too often, looking at him afterward as the semen rolled down my leg, I held in a scream. There has to be more to it than this?

I raised the threshold and went shopping again, wearing big, concealing sunglasses. It wouldn’t do for my gardening club to see me even as the idea of getting caught excited me. Public sex was also one of my newfound fantasies, with my husband of course. That was a really far-fetched dream given he still locked our bedroom door, even though there was no one left at home to walk in on us. I picked up even naughtier erotic wear from the sex shop. Funny how items we consider taboo can stimulate. The first time I wore crotchless panties and skimpy lace tops with holes cut out for the nipples to protrude, I blushed and creamed myself. I will admit, that particular get-up piqued Andrew’s interest. He fell on me passionately at first, but all too quickly he slowed things down and finished with his usual grunt. Argh, why couldn’t he have stayed out of control and rough?

I think that was when I decided the problem must lie with me. Andrew seemed quite happy with our sex life, so if I wasn’t, there had to be something wrong with me. Like any modern woman I turned to the Internet for help.

The wonders I’d discovered. I’d never really paid attention to porn before. I considered it smutty and for men only. How wrong I was. I became a secret porn addict, browsing sex sites and using a credit card I prepaid in my name only to purchase memberships. By the light of my laptop screen, I masturbated in my chair. But after a while, the novelty wore off and I realized I was still dissatisfied.

Until the day I discovered spanking on a fetish site-oh, god the orgasm I’d achieved watching the spankee’s ass turning red. I thought something was wrong with me until an Internet search revealed if I was freak I was in plentiful company.

With my pussy slick and in a constant state of arousal, I explored the beautiful online world of pain and pleasure. The more I saw, the more I craved it like a crackwhore. I couldn’t believe it. I would have never imagined in a million years that the idea of being spanked and bound would titillate me so. Of course, having no opportunity to try it I couldn’t test my newfound fantasy, and never would I dare mention it to Andrew. God only knew what he’d think knowing his wife was a pervert. Maybe he’d punish me-I should be so lucky. Fearful of telling or not, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I even started writing about it. My latest work was an ode to Christmas and kink. I hid my erotic ramblings in my notebook for my family would surely disown me if they knew. But oh, how I craved to enter that world of forbidden delights. I longed to feel the stinging slap of a dominant hand on my ass. I ached for the submissiveness that comes with obeying someone who knows how to take charge.

I shivered, my dinner forgotten in front of me, my cunt moist just thinking about it, my earlier masturbation already forgotten with the direction of my naughty thoughts.

With a jolt I realized Andrew was looking at me expectantly over the dinner table. Did I say or do something to give myself away?

“I’m sorry, I was woolgathering. You were saying?”

“What do you say we adjourn upstairs?” He said with bright, expectant eyes.

I smiled and rose to clasp his hand. How could I have forgotten? It was Friday night. Time for our weekly bump and grind.

Yawn. Maybe after he fell asleep, I’d go back to my office with my vibrator and masturbate to the glow of my laptop screen. The thought at least lubed me.

Chapter Two

When out in the club there arose such a clatter,

I sprang up in stilettos to see who begged to be battered.

Down the stairs I flew, to check on my flock,

Disarming the alarm and opening the lock.

Neon light on the breast of sleeping Doe

Gave lustre to her peeking nipple below.

When what to my mascaraed eyes should appear

But a solidly built giant with an eight-inch spear.

Christmas morning arrived and for the first time in over twenty years, Andrew and I were actually alone. The kids had chosen to spend this day with their significant others, so Andrew and I took our time getting up. At our age, holidays didn’t have the same excitement of youth.

I made coffee and some toasted BLTs for us before we even ventured into the living room, where out of habit I’d decorated a tree. We sat on the couch and exchanged presents.

The gifts were predictable. New perfume for me. Watch for him. Ooh, new kitchen appliance for me. Power tool for him. On and on it went, boring but comfortable. So comfortable, my mind wandered.

Our tree glowed with older style bulbs as I hadn’t yet caved to the LED fad. As Andrew played with his newest garage addition, I wandered over to the tree and stroked a red bulb. Hot enough to be uncomfortable, but not enough to burn. I wondered what it would feel like to have a whole strand of lights wrapped around my body. Oh how delicious to be bound with winding, colorful lights, the hot bulbs awakening my body with a little pain. I imagined it would be similar to hot wax, something I’d recently tried-by myself of course. I’d lit a candle in the bathroom as I took a bath and dripped the melted liquid onto my breasts. I’d hissed with pain even as my whole body tightened in pleasure. I had wondered since what it would feel like to have someone else dribble the heated stuff on my body, perhaps as I was tied up and helpless.

I came back to reality with a shudder of pleasure I hoped Andrew hadn’t seen. I couldn’t however stop the gush of moisture between my thighs and I clamped my pelvic muscles tight, wishing I’d inserted my mini vibrator inside so I could have really enjoyed myself.

I went back to opening my gifts and pretending enthusiasm, all the while plotting a bathroom escape under the guise of a bath where I’d give myself an orgasmic Christmas present.

I made sure we quickly finished opening the remaining presents, eager to escape. Standing and staring at the tree, I took a sip of coffee preparing to excuse myself when Andrew broke tradition. He slapped me on the ass-hard-and I almost spit out my mouthful of coffee.

“I’ve got a surprise for you,” he said with a wink as he left the room. When he came back, the sting of cold from the garage where he’d disappeared to for a moment wafted into the room with him and made me shiver. What the hell is he up to? If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was excited-sexually. And since when does he slap my ass? A better question, how could I get him to do it again and again and…

Caught up in a mental video of Andrew spanking me, I didn’t react at first when he placed a large box in front of me wrapped with black shiny paper and a blood red bow. Things were getting stranger and stranger, but I admit, I found myself intrigued.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“Open it and see.” His eyes glittered with excitement and, oh my god, yes, he was tenting his robe.

I smiled at him with fondness. He’d probably bought me some lingerie, the dear man, and expected some Christmas morning nookie. I’d give him credit for surprising me. I opened the box and I didn’t have to feign shock. My jaw dropped. I think I gasped. I know I definitely creamed myself.

I reached in and pulled out a folded pile of buttery leather and shook it out. I recognized the outfit immediately. It was a maid’s outfit replete with a tiny scalloped apron and cap. I’d admired it just the week before in the window display of the sex shop downtown.

“Keep going,” he said in an oddly strangled voice. I glanced up at him and saw his eyes glittering. The tent in his robe was even more pronounced.

I looked back into the box and caught my breath as I pulled out a latex flog, a set of four manacles, and a string of anal beads. My pussy clenched so tight, I think I might have come a little just from handling these fantasy items. But how had he known what to buy? Could Andrew have been hiding a secret yen and just now decided to surprise me with it?


I looked up at him in surprise. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me,” he said in a firm voice he rarely used around me. “Get undressed right here, right now.”

I didn’t recognize this flinty eyed Dom staring down at me, but he was a refreshing change from my husband. I put up token resistance to see what he would do. “But the neighbors,” I protested.

With firm, rough hands, he pulled me up from the couch and said in a gruff voice. “Strip now or I won’t give you what you need.”

What does he think I need? I knew what I needed, a good hard fuck. I was so excited. I didn’t know what game Andrew played, but I definitely wanted to join in. I was acutely aware of the large bay window covered only in filmy curtains. It added to my excitement as I stood and stripped out my two-piece pajamas until I stood nude-and horny. The cool air of the room pimpled my skin and tightened my nipples. My legs trembled as I awaited what my suddenly unpredictable-and suddenly superbly hot-husband would order me to do next.

“Put the outfit on.”

I leaned over to grab the soft leather when a sharp sting on my left buttock made me suck in a breath. I straightened to give Andrew a shocked look.

“You will answer ‘Yes, Sir’, when I speak to you.”

Oh yeah, I definitely came a little with his words, and my mouth was dry when I replied, “Yes, Sir.”

I dressed quickly in the outfit. It fit perfectly even if it was a tad short and low cut. I smoothed my hands over the supple material and smiled up at him coyly. “Now what would you like me to do, Sir?” Just saying his new title excited me. I wondered what else he had in store for me.

In a day already full of shockers, Andrew unbelted his robe and dropped it to the floor. I almost fainted when I saw what he wore.

Merry Christmas to me.

Chapter Three

Imposing in bearing, and barking orders quick

I knew in a moment this must be Master Nick.

More endowed than a porn star, across the floor he came

And he whistled and shouted as he called them by name.

Now Doe and Mary, Angie and Trish

Up John and Robert, Brody and Dick.

On the floor before me, or up against the wall

Wake up and obey me, or face the sting of my flog.

For his age, Andrew had a great body, which he kept fit by going regularly to the gym. Over his powerful physique-most commonly seen in dress shirts and slacks-he wore leather straps with metal studs. His nipples-oh my god-were newly pierced with silver rings, and when my gaze followed the tapering of his torso, my excitement almost overflowed for he wore tight leather shorts with a strategically placed hole through which sprang his engorged cock. I pinched myself, sure I was dreaming.

“Knees, now!” he barked.

“Yes, Sir.” I dropped to the carpeted floor bringing myself eye level with his swollen shaft. I’d sucked Andrew off before and his rod was nothing new, but dressed as we currently were and with him taking charge-deliciously so-it was like I faced a whole new man-one I wanted to get to know better, with my mouth.

Thinking I knew what he wanted, I lifted my hand to stroke him. I’d barely touched his velvety, steel length when his hand twisted in my hair and pulled me up.

I yelped in pain and might have protested his treatment but his lips caught mine in a punishing kiss. Never had he embraced me so forcefully, so manly. I melted like wax to a flame and his arms wrapped around me in a crushing grip. I was so ready to fuck him right then and there, and I could feel against my lower belly just how ready he was as well. So it was with surprise that I felt him sink down to sit on the couch, leaving me standing and shaking with passion.

“Get over here.” He pointed to his lap and I frowned at him. Surely he couldn’t mean…


“That’s two punishments you’ve earned. One for touching my cock without permission and the other for speaking without saying Sir. Now get your ass over my knee right now before you earn a third.”

Punishment? My eyes went wide and my breath came short. As if I floated on a cloud, I draped myself over his lap. He laid a heavy arm over my back and held me down. Cool air brushed my ass cheeks as he flipped up my skirt. I tensed, dreading and craving what was coming. Surely he wouldn’t…


His hard hand struck my ass cheek with a loud sound. And it fucking stung. I yelped and tried to buck. His arm pushed down on me holding me in place. I suddenly wondered if I wanted to do this.

As if sensing my trepidation Andrew spoke. “I expect you to take your punishment like a good girl, but if things get too much I’m going to give you safe word. If you feel you can’t handle it, say ‘butterfly’ and I will stop. Do you understand me?”

I nodded my head.

Thwack! I cried out.

“I said, do you understand me?”

“Y-yes Sir.”

At my words his big hand rubbed my offended cheek. “That’s my good girl. You want this don’t you?”

I would have replied but he delivered a flurry of slaps, and I was panting to hold back cries. It hurt, but even more delicious, it made me hot. My cunt quivered and moistened the more my ass throbbed.

He continued his punishment of my posterior until my ass burned, but it was nothing compared to the raging heat inside me. He stopped his smacks and I panted on his lap, wiggling my buttocks for more. Instead his fingers probed my nether lips and slid in to stroke me. I cried out and clenched my sex around his intruding digits.

“Do you want more?”

“Yes Sir.” I almost sobbed.

A new round of smacks ramped my desire up even higher. I thrashed and moaned incoherently in response. My husband, or should I say master, suddenly changed up his tactics. Instead of exclusively spanking, he began to delve between my thighs every other stroke or two. His fingers slid down the length of my silken slit, wetting them. He drew those damp digits back up the crevice of my ass. I prepared for another spank, but instead I tensed as he probed at my virgin ring. He inserted the tip of his finger and, unsure of how I felt about the odd sensation even if I’d found it exciting online, I tightened up. He withdrew and a slew of slaps had me crying out and slumping over his lap. The throbbing in my ass reverberated throughout my whole body. He held me on the brink of orgasm, stroking me just right but somehow keeping me from going over. His fingers slid along my wet cleft, teasing and probing. When they moved back up my ass, I was ready for his anal incursion and forced myself to relax. He grunted as he slid his finger up to the knuckle in my ass.

As sensations went, the jury was out on whether I liked it or not. My pussy though already knew-it liked it and wanted more. And as for Andrew, if the cock poking me in the side was any indication, he liked it as well.

The finger in my ass withdrew and I mewled in loss, especially when he told me to get up. I stood in front of him, hands clasped, head bowed, my cunt a sopping mass of tingling nerves.

“Bend over the end of the couch.” His curt order saw my feet immediately moving, and I draped myself over the armrest.

Once again, he flipped up my skirt, exposing me. I wasn’t expecting him to start slapping me again and without his iron grip holding me down, I squirmed and moaned at his touch on my already red and sensitized skin.

The sting of his smacks hadn’t even begun to subside when he sheathed himself in me with one swift stroke.

Oh my fucking god. I might have said the words out loud, I know I definitely thought them. Never had Andrew plowed me so deep and hard. His fingers dug into my ass cheeks, spreading me. I grunted as he pounded my soft flesh, his heavy balls slapping against me as he thrust in and out. I clawed at the fabric of the couch, my orgasm ripping through me like a hurricane. I whipped my head from side to side as convulsions gripped me. And still he fucked me, his iron length pumping my flesh, which quivered around him.

Something wet fell from above and landed in the crack of my ass. It was lube preparing me for the finger he suddenly plunged into my ass.

Overcome with sensation and shock, for the first time in my life, I enjoyed back-to-back orgasms. I might have screamed, but I’m not really sure because I kind of blacked out.

Chapter Four

He was dressed all in leather from his head to his toes

With a hole in his crotch for eager slut Doe.

A bundle of toys he threw on the floor

Whips and paddles, dildos and more.

His eyes how they glared icily

With a mien superbly strict,

His mouth was pursed tightly

As Doe sucked his dick.

I came to cuddled in Andrew’s lap. He kissed my temple and whispered. “Are you okay?”

Okay? What a trivial word for the greatest sex of my life. I was more than okay, I was fan-freaking-tastic.

“That was amazing,” I praised him. Apparently my commanding Dom of a moment ago still harbored doubts, but I loved him dearly for what he’d done. “How?” I asked vaguely. Surely my desires hadn’t been so transparent. How did I give myself away?

“How did I find out about your fantasy? I’m afraid I stooped to snooping. I could tell something was up with you. At first I thought it was another man.”

“Never,” I hastened to reassure him, although it was only partially true. Another of my taboo fantasies was to be with another man while Andrew watched and then joined in. I know, I’m definitely going to hell.

“I trust you,” he said, his words comforting me. “I knew you wouldn’t betray me like that, but every time I asked you if something was wrong, you pretended everything was fine.”

“I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.” And I didn’t want him feel inadequate when my dissatisfaction stemmed from a change in my sexual needs and not him. “But, how did you guess?”

“Don’t get mad. I snooped through your Internet history and your notebook.”

“You read my journal?” I sat up in his lap and glared at him. At his look of chagrin, I eased my stance.

“I know it was wrong, but I needed to know what was up with you. I thought I was losing you.”

I heard the anguish in his voice and turned on his lap so I could wrap my arms around him and hug him tight. “Never. I love you.”

“And I love you, which is why when I discovered you were fantasizing about expanding your sexual horizons, I went and got some help.”

I pulled back from him, puzzlement creasing my face. “How the hell do you find help for something like this?”

Color bloomed in his cheeks, something I hadn’t seen since our teenage years when we’d first started fooling around. “I went to a BDSM club and talked to the owner about taking lessons.”

I tried to picture my husband in a den of iniquity. I bit back a giggle at the thought of him in a suit taking notes on his Blackberry as another Dom showed him the finer points of punishment. I lost the battle and laughed. “I can’t believe I’m going to ask this, but how did you take lessons in spanking and stuff?” In other words, had he spanked someone else first, and was my jealousy stronger than my excitement over the thought of him applying his hand to someone else’s flesh? Judging by the cream pooling in my cleft, excitement won.

His cheeks brightened even further and he had difficulty meeting my eyes. “Actually, they said in order to be an effective Dom, I first needed to understand the position of a submissive.”

Oh yeah, definite arousal. A mental picture of Andrew on his knees, a disciplining hand marking his hard buttocks brought back my desire as if I hadn’t just been sated.

“Tell me more,” I begged and I moved off his lap. I sat on the floor in front of him and bent my knees as I parted my thighs.

With his eyes riveted on my exposed pussy, which I stroked with a slow finger, he began to talk. “They put me in the care of a couple about our age, also married. He-” Andrew swallowed and took a breath. “He made me undress completely and had me kneel beside his wife but with my face beside her ass so I could see. At first I didn’t want to do it.”

“Why?” I couldn’t believe Andrew, my staid and boring husband had done something so daring, so hot. All for me.

“I’ve never been naked with anyone but you.”

“Did it excite you to be naked with another woman?” I asked, my jealousy actually fueling my desire.

“I felt dirty. Like I was doing something bad, even though she never touched me and I never got off.”

Dirty boy indeed. I slid a finger into my silky cleft, my channel quivering and ready again for action. “Were you hard?”

Andrew hung his head and whispered, “Yes. I couldn’t help myself.”

Even the retelling excited him for his cock poked up, already semi-erect. “Did he spank you?”

Andrew nodded, unable to look me in the eyes, his cheeks ruddy. “At first I couldn’t understand why anybody would do it. It hurt. But the more he did it, the more I liked it, and I got hard even though I didn’t want to.”

“Why didn’t you want to?” I could picture the scene so clearly, my husband reluctantly allowing himself to be spanked, by a man no less. I wished I could have experienced it in person. My fingers slid across my slick cunt as I imagined lying beneath him sucking his cock as he was spanked, Andrew’s face buried in my pussy.

“I was just supposed to learn how to please you. I didn’t want to get excited because another guy was touching me.”

“If I told you I fantasize about being with you and another man would I shock you?” I asked, my finger circling my engorged clit.

Andrew groaned. “I know I should say I don’t want to share you. But, the things I saw on your computer and in the club. Fuck, it made me so horny.”

I stood up and put a hand on my hip and gave him a saucy look. “I’m horny too. Right now. I’ve been such a bad girl Andrew, and I need to be punished. I want you to punish me and teach me my place. Show me what else they taught you” Just being able to say those things aloud was exciting. I no longer had to hide what I wanted. My best friend and lover had taken a step-a huge one-to join me on this journey of sexual discovery, and I didn’t want to wait any longer. I wanted to experience everything now.

My words transformed him from a confessing, guilty husband to flinty eyed Dom with a raging hard on.

“Strip and wash yourself thoroughly. Meet me in the bedroom when you’re done.”

My cunt throbbing with excitement, I did as ordered, washing the traces of our first bout of lovemaking-or should I say fucking-from my body. Naked and my skin shivering in delight, I strode into the bedroom and stopped, my knees weak and trembling. While I’d bathed, Andrew had been busy. The manacles were attached to the four posters of our bed and I swallowed in anticipation. I’d never worn restraints before. I feared giving up my control, but my pussy throbbed in excitement as I prepared to embark on my first foray into the pleasures of bondage.

“Lie on your back on the bed,” he ordered from behind me.

I jumped a little but did as I was told, clambering onto our bed, lying down arms and legs spread. Anticipation budded my nipples and moistened my already soaking cleft. My husband, naked and erect, went around the four corners of the bed, restraining me. At the feel of the first cold leather manacle cinching around my wrist, I bit my lip and my cleft tightened. By the time he’d done the circuit my breathing was ragged. I pulled at my tethers, the fear of vulnerability feeding my desire.

Andrew knelt between my legs, the wooden handle of a latex flog held between his teeth. Excitement shone in his eyes. My husband, a closet sadist and Dom, I never would have thought it.

I licked my lips. “What are you going to do?”

He shook his head at me. “I didn’t give you permission to speak. Naughty girl.”

He left the bed for a moment, the mattress springing up. In seconds, he was back, straddling my upper body with his naked flesh, his hard heavy cock lying between my breasts.

“Close your eyes and open wide,” he ordered.

Obediently I clamped my eyes shut and parted my lips. The fabric stuffed into my mouth had me opening my eyes quick. The scent of pussy drifted into my nose and I realized he’d stuffed me with my own panties. I struggled against my bonds, shocked at his action. However, with him sitting on me and tied as I was, all I managed to do was tire myself and chafe my wrists and ankles.

Panic fluttered in my breast even as excitement lubed my cunt. Helpless and at his mercy, what was I in for? Earlier, I hadn’t taken his Dom attitude seriously. It had still been a game for me. But with his callous treatment, a true master punishing a sub routine, I realized, he meant to make me live the fantasy.

The realization made my pussy clench so tight I almost orgasmed. As I went through my mini epiphany, he watched me, his hard cock heavy on my chest and his gaze even heavier. Andrew slid back so that his rod lay hot and turgid on my belly.

“The only problem with the gag,” he said in a flat monotone, the flog he’d bitten down on earlier now hanging from one of his hands, “is you can’t use your safe word. But…” He dragged the latex strands across my breasts and my nipples hardened to little pebbles. “As your husband and master, you will trust me to give you only pleasure. After a touch of…” the flog suddenly spun and slapped across my tit. I cried out against the gag at the sharp, stinging pain. “…punishment for your insolent manner.”

Thus did my husband, whom I’d never seen exhibit any violence in his life apart from the occasional spider kill, whip me. And while he enjoyed it, I think I enjoyed it even more.

He wielded the flog like an extension of himself, twisting and striking the tender flesh of my breasts expertly. My globes throbbed and I could just imagine how red the skin would be. With each calculated shot, I flinched and made noise while my pussy got wetter and wetter.

Aching and on fire, he finally left off punishing my breasts and moved to kneel between my legs, his cock jutting proudly from his body. His free hand grabbed at the latex strands and he looped the flog under his cock, stroking the rubbery strands over his engorged shaft.

Holy fuck was it hot. My pelvic muscles contracted painfully, looking for something to clamp around. Languorously, he pulled the flog back and forth across his rod. I watched, mesmerized, and then cried out when he actually hit his own shaft with the latex strands. Then he used those same strands to whip my cunt.

It was fucking intense. A thousand little bee stings on my sensitive lips. I came when he struck me a second time, my whole body bowing tautly as my release shot through me. In the throes of ecstasy, he plunged his cock in and pumped me, drawing out my orgasm. Limp, I was only barely aware of him seesawing in and out of me, aftershocks making me quiver. I woke up suddenly when he resumed whipping my tits as he fucked me. He forced my pleasure to build again in my sated body. He tortured me, slapping my tits and plowing my channel deep. The flog finally went flying so that he could slide his hands under my buttocks and lift me up from the mattress. He leaned forward as he did so and caught my nipple in his mouth. He bit down, painfully so, triggering my orgasm. My body shook and trembled, caught in a blissful convulsion that didn’t want to end.

Even when he came, shooting inside me hotly, I trembled. I think I was still orgasming when I finally passed out from exhaustion.

Chapter Five

A latex flog he held tight in one meaty fist

He whirled it quite expertly and flicked its sharp tips.

With a broad hairy chest and a muscled hard belly,

He tensed when he slapped asses soft as jelly.

He was thick, he was rigid, a right hunk of a man,

And I creamed when I saw him all over my hand.

A wink of his eye and a nod of his head,

Soon made me know I should definitely dread.

I woke up late on Boxing Day with a smile. Who wouldn’t with the way my Christmas Day ended up panning out? I wanted to sing and dance with joy. I also wanted to find Andrew and see what other sexual surprises he had in store. It still blew me away that my husband of over twenty years had not only accepted my fantasy, he’d actually gone for instruction to help me fulfill them. How many men would have the balls to do that? It made me wonder, having gone to a BDSM club already-I still couldn’t believe he’d done that before me-if he would be willing to go again so that I could experience it. Maybe even indulge in a little three-way action. While the previous day’s minor anal play had been a first for me, I fantasized about a two-man fuck. How would it feel to have a cock in my cunt while another fucked my ass, my body sandwiched helplessly between two men? The thought was enough to make me horny, especially knowing Andrew would share it with me.

Showering my sticky body, I ran my hands over my sensitized skin. Who said a gal required youth to feel like a sexual being? With age came confidence and maturity, and I knew I was sexier now in my forties than ever before. I walked back into the bedroom wearing only a towel, a small one, which just managed to make it around my breasts and barely covered my bottom. Unfortunately Andrew wasn’t in the room to appreciate it.

On the bed I found a note.

Hello my sexy little sub,

Did I forget to mention your Christmas present has two parts?

You will spend the afternoon at the spa. Not only will you get a massage, but I expect your pussy to be rendered bald-and tasty. I’ve got a surprise for dinner so when you return you will wear the outfit I will lay out later on the bed. Once dressed, you will take yourself to the dining room and lie down on the table for the second part of your gift.

Disobedience will result in punishment, while obedience will reward you with pleasure beyond your wildest dreams.


I went faint with arousal and sat down hard on the bed. My husband-the sexual deviant and torturer. I loved him more than ever and wished I could speed up the day and make it dinner time already. I will admit though that the idea of a massage and pampering appealed to me. The note contained the address and an appointment time for my favourite spa place. I grabbed a quick bite-unfortunately not the sausage I craved. I was disappointed Andrew seemed to have disappeared. The naughty man, did he know I planned to jump him if I found him? It was probably a good thing he’d kept himself out of temptation’s reach.

I spent my time at the spa in a state of mild arousal and anticipation. I blushed when the attendant waxed my cunt clean, sure she could smell and see my horny state. But she was a professional and said not a word. A shame because a naughty part of me hoped she’d cop a feel.

Back home, I peeked around looking for my husband who was still MIA. Upstairs in our bedroom, I gasped when I saw the outfit he’d left for me to wear. Or should I say not wear. I’m not sure the skimpy fabric could even qualify as clothing. It was not only sheer, but didn’t actually cover anything pertinent. How decadent.

Lifting the outfit from the bed and putting it on, I found another note held down by the anal beads he’d given me the day before.

Hello my sweet sub,

Ready for part two? Now that you’re dressed, I want you to put the beads in your ass, one by one, but do not masturbate. As you’re doing it, think about me pulling them out later and replacing them with my cock. Oh yes my little slave, I’m going to fuck your sweet virgin ass, ride you hard as I pull your hair. Think about that as you ready yourself for me.


Okay, Andrew was trying to kill me-with pleasure. I didn’t have to touch myself for my channel to quiver in excitement. My hot juices soaked my cleft. I lay on my back and ran the beads against my moist lips, lubing them. It wasn’t easy, I had to tuck my bent legs to my chest, but I managed to pop the cold pebbles into my ass. The discomfort was less than I would have expected. Done, I stood up, highly aware of the foreign objects in my ass. The jury was out on whether I liked it or not. Definitely strange, and considering how tight my anus was, I had to wonder how the hell Andrew’s cock would fit. Then again, a part of me looked forward to the pain.

Aroused and dressed like a sex kitten, I made my way downstairs. Soft music played on the main floor and the drapes were all drawn. My lamps were on, but had been draped with red veils, turning my familiar home into a pleasure den. His attention to ambiance astonished me. Another thing he’d obviously learned at the hands of the master-submissive pair he’d met.

The dining table gleamed in the flicking light of candles set along my wooden buffet. I hopped up onto its cold surface, the flimsy material of my outfit riding up so that my bare ass cheeks rested on the tabletop. I wonder if I’m the main course? I bit back a giggle as I wondered how one cleaned ass prints and sex juices off wood.

“Lie down.”

Andrew’s voice came from behind me, his commanding tone sending shivers down my spine. I lay on the table like a good girl, gasping at the cool surface against the skin of my back.

“Close your eyes.”

Oh, the thrill of being ordered. I did as he bid me, my breathing already coming faster.

“Hold your arms out.”

Stretching them out, I gasped when I felt the familiar weight of the shackles binding me. Eyes shut tight, I could only hear the faintest whisper of sound as Andrew went around the table attaching me spread eagle and exposed. My pussy throbbed, the wetness of my arousal seeping from me like a fount of honey. The cooler air tickled my moist flesh and made me shiver delightfully.

Fabric covered my eyes. Startled I opened them but found myself blind as he deftly tied the blindfold in place. I panicked a little, tugging at my bonds and thrashing my head. For some reason closing my eyes didn’t freak me; I knew I could open them if I wanted to. But to be rendered sightless heightened my vulnerability-and my sense of awareness. I heard harsh breathing, the ragged sound coming from me.

“Andrew?” Surely that plaintive voice wasn’t me?

“Have you forgotten already what name to call me?”

Just hearing his voice calmed me and some of the tenseness left me. “Sorry, Sir.”

Andrew chuckled, a low, teasing sound to match the tickling fingers he ran up from stomach to my breasts. “Don’t forget again my sweet slave. Do you remember your safe word?”

“Yes, Sir. Butterfly.”

“Good girl. Now enough talk. I want you to feel.

I bit my lip so as to not blurt ‘Feel what?’ I learned quickly enough. A hot drop of liquid hit my stomach and I sucked in a breath. Like a molten rain shower, fiery sprinkles splattered against my skin, cooling quickly and turning stiff. Wax. Andrew was pouring melted wax over me, something I’d written about in my notebook and which he’d obviously read. I cried out when he spilled a larger amount over my straining nipples. Indescribable. Painful yet arousing. Being unable to see amplified the sensation, especially since I couldn’t see where he’d strike next. A pooling warmth just above my cleft made me arch my back. I hissed.

“Too much?” he asked pausing in his torture.”

“More.” I panted. “Sir.”

But as if asking for it made it forbidden, he stopped. Instead with deft fingers he peeled the wax from my body. My skin tingled at his light touch. My breasts throbbed when he removed the wax shroud. When his hot lips latched onto first one nipple, then the other, I screamed. And then all of a sudden he disappeared.

At least that’s how it seemed. Blind, I strained to hear, but only the soft sounds of music reached me.

Even knowing it was useless, I couldn’t help tugging at my restraints. The noise of my thrashing probably covered the noise of his return. I couldn’t miss the slap he gave my cunt though. A stinging spank he repeated. My sex pulsed, and I waited with bated breath for the next smack. Instead, he twisted both my nipples and I screamed.

“What does my bad girl want?”

“Fuck me, Sir. Please, fuck me.” The intensity of my arousal was shocking. My whole body throbbed, aching for the touch of his mouth, the thrust of his cock, anything to extinguish the fire he’d lit.

“Already?” He made a chiding sound. “No, I think I shall enjoy myself some more, and you will do your best not to come until I tell you to.”

I moaned in reply. Fingers tickled down my belly to my bald pussy. He ran his knuckles between my plump lips and I trembled. The fingers kept going to my ass, and I felt a tug on the string for the anal beads that until now I’d forgotten in the overabundance of other sensations. One simple pull on that string, though, and I was suddenly all too aware of them. He popped one bead out then pushed it back in. Back and forth, he teased me with the beads. My ring, so tight when I’d first inserted the marbles, relaxed to the point that the beads entered with almost no resistance. Before I could wonder if I was about to have my anal cherry popped, he stopped the tug of war play, leaving the beads in my ass. A warm, wet cloth was swiped over my bottom, cleaning me for the games to come-or so I hoped. I didn’t know what to expect from him next, nor could I hear him. When he stroked his hand over my cleft before thrusting his fingers in, I squeezed his digits for dear life, trying to hold back my instinct to come. He pumped his fingers in and out a few times before removing them. I mewled in loss but not for long for his mouth latched onto me in their place.

Oh, sweet heaven. There’s something about someone sucking and licking you when you’re so fucking horny you could scream that raises every pleasurable sensation to new heights. And blindfolded, it was even more so.

Oddly enough though, Andrew’s mouth felt different on me. You’d think I’d recognize his technique after twenty some years. Maybe it seemed different because my perception of him had changed so much in the last twenty-four hours. Maybe the Dom duo who’d taught him to pleasure him had given him oral pointers. Whatever the reason, he sucked my pussy like he wanted to reacquaint himself with it intimately. He tugged on my nether lips. He probed me with his tongue. He flicked my clit until I gasped. Regardless of his order not to come, he was making it almost impossible to obey. My body stood on the threshold and I was only seconds away from losing the battle.

As if he sensed this, the tongue laving me stopped, and the warmth of his breath between my thighs disappeared. A creak and a shuffle, and a moment later his body straddled my face, his calves pinning my shoulders as the tip of his cock prodded my lips. I opened my mouth eagerly to suck, inhaling his hard, familiar length.

I almost bit him though when in a surprising twist, a pair of hands tweaked my nipples and a hot mouth latched onto my cunt and licked.

What the fuck! I would have explored this turn of events more fully, but overcome with so many blissful touches all at once, I came really fucking hard.

Chapter Six

He spoke only in grunts and went straight to work

He spanked us all soundly, while holding a smirk.

He lay fingers inside us in holes best not mentioned

And gave us some pleasure even as he increased our tension.

Once done, he sprang to his throne with a sharp whistle

And to him we all jumped like oiled naked missiles.

I heard him exclaim before I passed out from delight

Merry Fucking to all, and to all a painful night.

I came to blinking, my body still shaking and trembling with the force of my orgasm. The blindfold had been removed while I’d screamed my release, and I opened my eyes to see Andrew above me, his erect cock still in my mouth, his eyes staring smokily at me. A mischievous smile twisted his lips.

“Naughty girl. I told you not to come.”

As if to punctuate this point, a mouth latched around my nipple and bit down. I cried out around the rigid object in my mouth. A cry I repeated when my clit was pinched by calloused fingers I now knew didn’t belong to Andrew.

We weren’t alone. The realization made me shudder, and I felt a second orgasm lurking, decadently close.

Andrew’s cock swelled in my mouth as he spoke. “I wanted to make this a Christmas to remember so I invited my new friend and teacher over, Nick. I hope you don’t mind?”

I shook my head, my eyes wide, and gave a long pull on his cock. Andrew’s head went back and he sighed. “Good as that feels, I have other plans for you. You see,” he said pulling his prick out of my mouth with a wet pop. “Much as I loved spanking you, it would give me great pleasure to watch your face as you’re being spanked. Now, you might say I could have used a mirror, but…” he said leaning over my face, his lips hovering just above mine. “I’d much rather watch you blowing my cock while you get your bum pinked.”

Spanked by another man? Sure I’d thought about having a threesome, but with the moment now here, I wondered if I could go through with it. At the same time though, I couldn’t deny curiosity. What would it feel like to touch another man? Would he taste like Andrew? What did they have planned for me? I found myself eager to find out. How could I not with the blessing from my husband evident in his eyes and erection?

“That sounds delicious,” I said to my husband with a smile.

The sharp crack of my breast being slapped made me yelp in pain.

“You forgot something,” said a gravelly voice. “When you reply you are to use the title of Sir or Master, or else.”

“Sorry Sirs.” I said the words with absolute sincerity even as they made me cream. Not one, but two Doms to control and punish me. My pussy moistened in anticipation.

“Oh, you will be,” promised the man I had yet to see.

Andrew finally moved off of me taking his throbbing cock with him. How sad. He didn’t go far though, standing in my line of sight to the side of the table. “Are you ready to see the face of the man who’s going to spank you?” Andrew asked.

My whole body tightened at his words. How could I trust a stranger to touch me like that? Doubts or not, I couldn’t deny my body wanted it. “Yes, Sir.”

I bit my lip, trepidation making me tremble-would he be handsome? Would I enjoy it? Would… My inner questions faded into silence as Nick appeared in my line of sight and oh, it was a good thing I loved my husband for here was a man made to worship. Big and bulky, a veritable giant, he was ruggedly handsome. Heat flooded through me at the thought of this hunk whose very bearing spoke of authority laying a hand on me.

“Well aren’t you a cute thing,” he said, and then shocked me by grabbing my breasts in his paws and squeezing them so that only the erect tips poked out. I couldn’t help it, my breathing sped up and even more heat pooled in my sex. He let go of my tits and slid his hand down my belly and stroked me between my lips. I shuddered. “Responsive too.”

“Kiss her.” Andrew’s voice sounded strangled and I looked sideways to see him stroking his cock and watching us.

I wanted to protest, surely like Pretty Woman this would be too personal, too… Nick leaned down and touched his lips to mine, the sensation odd for his mouth was hard where I was used to Andrew’s softer, fuller lips. The naughtiness of what I was doing, though, made something like a mere kiss seem so much more, especially when Nick slid his hand over my belly to my mound and probed me with a thick finger. Like a well-aimed missile, he unerringly found my sweet spot and stroked it. I moaned, my mouth opening. Nick used this breach to slide his tongue between my gasping lips and twist sinuously around mine. I could taste him, different from Andrew of course, his minty flavor overlaying that of smoke.

He pulled his mouth from mine and withdrew his finger. I bit back a mewl of disappointment.

“Mind if I have a look at her ass now, Andrew?”

“Be my guest,” said my husband magnanimously. The fact they didn’t ask me incited my desire instead of my ire. They owned me and would do with me as they willed.

The men unshackled me and flipped me onto my stomach. “On your knees,” ordered my husband, and I obeyed just like I’d promised to in our wedding vows so long ago.

Meaty hands palpated my full buttocks and spread them wide. The string for the beads in my ass was given a light tug as if to remind me of their presence, but they were left inserted and the questing fingers moved to my sex. They discussed my pussy like an object of art, commenting on its color and shape. Stroking and pinching my sex to punctuate their words. My cheeks burned at their words and treatment, like I was some kind of sex object. How decadent.

A sharp smack made me tighten. A second arrived with new orders. “Get yourself off the table and into the living room. I want you on your hands and knees on the special carpet we laid out.”

I slid off the table, my legs almost buckling when I stood upright. I braced my hands on the table, glad of its solidity especially when my eyes flicked over to see my husband standing naked with a massive erection. Beside him, Nick’s erection, while equal in length to Andrew’s, was the widest I’d ever seen. I wetted my lips, stricken with the desire to fall on my knees and worship at the altar of their cocks.

Instead, on trembling legs and with my pussy throbbing for satisfaction, I staggered my way, drunk on desire, to the living room where my rearranged furniture offered a wide space. In that newly opened area, they’d rolled out a carpet. I dropped to my knees onto the spongy fabric, slippery smooth but with a cushiony give. I’d no sooner assumed the position on my hands and knees than the first hard smack stung my buttocks. I clench and hissed in shock. I knew right away this was Nick smacking me and not Andrew. The touch of his hand was too different.

I wondered how Andrew felt watching another man touch me and in turn pleasure me. Was he jealous or did it excite him? Too late now. Another crack sounded, and I arched as the stinging pain zipped along my nerve endings. I closed my eyes and threw my head back trying to relax my body before the next delicious blow.

I felt rather than saw someone kneel in front of me. Amidst the pummelling of my tender flesh, I opened my eyes to see a familiar cock bobbing in front of me. I forced myself to look up higher and sucked in a breath at the look on Andrew’s face-pure unadulterated lust. Apparently my misgivings weren’t going to be an issue. My husband, or should I say my master, was watching intently the flurry of slaps landing on my posterior. Much as I wanted to keep watching Andrew, I couldn’t concentrate for long with the burning on my ass. The heat in my cheeks wiped all thoughts clean from my head, well, all except for one. God, it feels good. Make that two. Fuck me, please.

But Nick didn’t falter in his work. I watched through half lidded eyes as my husband stroked his cock, the tip glistening with a drop of pre-cum. “Lick it,” Andrew demanded in a voice thick with desire.

Delighted, and needing the distraction, I swiped my tongue across the head of his swollen cock, tasting his salty excitement. His hands grasped my hair, the hard tugs painful, but exciting for he used this grip to push my mouth down onto his rod. I took him deep, but Andrew wanted more. He gagged me, his cock squeezing its way into my throat, deeper than I’d ever imagined going. My throat convulsed around him and he relented pulling my head back, the skin of his cock scraping back through my teeth. My reprieve was short lived. With his hands still buried in my hair, he rammed me down again in a prick bobbing game that made him grunt. Distracting as this was, I still moaned and trembled at every slap Nick laid on my ass. The skin of my buttocks stung, the heat in them matching that of my cunt.

Just when I thought I would die-of pleasure-if he smacked me again, Nick stopped. Andrew panted as he withdrew his straining cock from my mouth. I thought for sure he would burst. He looked over my head and nodded at Nick.

“Get under her,” ordered my husband, my fast-learning kink master.

“My pleasure.” Quicker than my desire-addled brain could follow, Nick, slid under me in a sixty-nine position that brought my face close to his wide, very erect cock. The tip strained, swollen and purple, aching for relief. I’d never seen another penis before this close and in person. Andrew’s was all I’d ever known. Suddenly I had to know how Nick would feel and taste. I bobbed my head down to take a lick. A sharp yank on my hair pulled me back before my goal and I yelped.

“No one gave you permission to do that yet,” growled Andrew. I bit my lips, contrite and wondering if I’d finally gone too far for my husband.

“I think your wife is curious Andrew. Do you think she can handle my cock?”

“She’ll handle it. I know she can take it deep, and even better, she loves to swallow. And I’ll bet she’d love to have her mouth fucked while I plow her virgin ass.”

Swallow? Wait a second, curiosity about taste was one thing, I didn’t know if I wanted…

Apparently I wasn’t to have a say for the same hand that yanked my head up pushed it back down until Nick’s cock poked at my mouth. With no option, and with no real urge to protest-after all this was my fantasy-I licked the fat head of Nick’s shaft. The saltiness of his excitement made my channel quiver and flood with even more heat and moisture.

“Suck him,” ordered Andrew from somewhere behind me.

His words made me hesitate and I debated using my safe word for things were moving so quick. Was I truly ready for this? To be so intimate with another man? Even more important, was Andrew truly ready to see me pleasure another man? My hesitation was punished-or rewarded depending on how you looked at it-with a hard slap. I let out a whooshing breath and saw Nick’s prick shiver in response. With no real option-and honestly I didn’t want to stop-I opened my mouth and took him in with a soft suck. I gasped around his turgid cap as I felt a hot mouth open wide across my own sex. Oh, pure electric bliss. Bolder, I slid my lips down the rigid length, stretching wide and even then my teeth grazed the skin of his rod. I slurped my way back to the tip and swirled my tongue around it, gasping when Nick mimicked my tongue action on my clit.

I bobbed my head up and down on Nick’s cock while he played with my sex. I’d almost forgotten Andrew was behind me until I felt a tug at my backside as one by one the beads in my ass-which I’d forgotten again-were pulled out. Nick’s mouth moved to concentrate on my clit alone and the walls of my channel tightened. I wanted a cock, fingers, something so bad inside me. I mewled as Andrew’s familiar touch dipped into my soaking cleft, rubbing my juices over my rosette. I wasn’t worried until I felt the thick head of his cock probing my tight hole.

I clenched. I couldn’t help myself. Curiosity didn’t win over instinct. To distract myself from Andrew’s breaching attempt, I brought my attention back to Nick’s prick. I sucked at him frantically, trying to ignore Andrew who meanwhile poked insistently at my backside.

I wanted to try this decadent penetration, but he felt so big against my virgin hole, I just couldn’t relax. We might have stayed at this impasse forever if a mouth of liquid fire hadn’t latched onto my pussy and sucked. Nick worked my clit insistently with his tongue. The sensation was so intense I couldn’t hold off any longer. I came with a loud cry. In the throes of a major orgasm, Andrew seized the opportunity and pushed his way in. I cried out as the painful pressure from his breach of my ass mixed with my still in-progress pleasure. Nick didn’t ease up on his clit nibbling, his tongue stabbing into my cunt hotly.

“Push out,” grunted Andrew.

I wasn’t sure about his instructions but tried to do as I was told and found the stretching in my ass allowed Andrew to sheath himself completely. I drew in a sharp breath and opened my mouth to say something. I never got a chance to say a word. A heavy hand pushed my face down onto his cock, effectively gagging me.

“Suck me,” ordered Nick in his gravelly voice.

Needing distraction from the anal invasion, I mouth-fucked his cock as Andrew fucked my ass. Slowly, my excitement reignited and as my desire returned, I found the sensation of Andrew in my ass not as bad as I first thought. In fact as Nick continued to lap at me, I realized I wanted it harder. I began moving my rear end back against Andrew in time to his strokes, seating him even deeper inside my tight orifice. His fingers tightened on my buttocks, and he increased his pace. Harder he slammed me, his vigorous pounding making Nick lose his latch on my cunt. But Andrew’s balls took his place, swinging up and slapping my sensitive sex. Distracted by all the sensations, I lost my cock sucking rhythm, my building bliss taking all my attention.

Nick didn’t give up though, his fingers, rough and thick, came up to stroke me and he slid first one, then two, and finally three fingers in. Unerringly, he found my g-spot and stroked it, finger fucking me hard. Doubly penetrated, my orgasm crashed over me like a tsunami wave and I convulsed, almost painfully, my rapture so intense. I shook. I keened. And still the pleasure crested in me over and over, leaving me limp in its wake. In my half-aware state I heard Andrew`s bellow and the hot spurt in my ass as he came.

As for Nick, he didn’t say a word when he came, instead his whole body gave one last plunge, deep down my throat, and he held himself there rigidly as he shot his creamy load. I swallowed-I didn’t really have a choice. Nick had a flavor all his own, saltier than Andrew’s without the sweetness my husband had.

I’m not sure how we untangled our Twistered bodies. Somehow, I found myself cradled in Andrew’s lap, a robe thrown around my shoulders, my head lolling on his shoulder.

He whispered, “Merry Christmas, my love.”

“I love you,” I replied back.

I looked over at our guest and saw Nick lying on the floor, eyes closed with his hands clasped under his head. I wondered what would happen next. Even better, what would Martha Stewart advise when there are three naked, sweaty people in your living room?

As it turned out, even kinky sex fiends like us had to eat. After eating real food followed by an erotic dip in the hot tub, we indulged in a more sexual meal, one that left us hungry and dirty all over again.

But it was well worth it. Even the fact that I’d have to replace some of my Christmas lights. But the task they’d been put to use had been so worth it. And I still blushed to think what they’d done with my nutcracker.

All in all, a good time was had by all. I had the bite marks to prove it.


I wasn’t aware of when Nick left. I would never forget him though, for between him and Andrew, I’d gotten the best fucking Christmas present ever, literally.

My body was sore in that pleasant way that comes with large amounts of pleasure. We’d finally made it to our bed after having baptized several other rooms in the house. Andrew lay behind me spooning my naked body in a way we’d not indulged in what seemed like forever.

I still couldn’t believe my best friend, lover, and husband of so long had so thoroughly managed to surprise me. I thought I knew him, but then again, I thought I knew myself. I guess contrary to popular belief, the ability to change and experience new things didn’t stop with age. I was glad to know in our case that instead of growing away from the person going through a life change, we instead grew closer together.

I did wonder though where today’s adventure would lead us. Would we continue to explore at home, delving into new previously taboo realms? Would we leave our comfort zone and enter the wilder world where we could take our fantasies even further? And please tell me, Nick would come back for a repeat evening of sexual fun.

As if sensing my thoughts Andrew cuddled me closer and nuzzled my neck.

“I can tell you’re thinking about what just happened. You enjoyed that didn’t you?” I nodded. I wouldn’t lie to him. Not anymore. He continued to talk. “I’ll admit, I was afraid I might be jealous sharing you with someone else, but hot damn, seeing you sucking Nick’s cock and his spanking you, excited me. And your ass,” he nuzzled my neck. “So fucking tight. Now that I’ve breached it, I can’t wait for your next surprise.”

“What is it?” I asked almost breathless.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for New Year’s Eve to find out. But I’ll give you a hint. I made plans with Nick. Think sandwich.”

Oh, god. I thought I was sated, but that one word made the heat pool in my sex and I moaned when I felt an answering prod against my backside.

Merry Christmas to me, and suddenly I couldn’t wait for a rollicking-aka fucking-Happy New Year.

Author Bio

Eve Langlais is a Canadian in her mid-thirties who’s married with three children. She resides in a small town in Ontario where she works from home as a webmistress and customer service rep. She enjoys spending time with her family, playing Wii (Mario Galaxy II being the game of the moment), reading tawdry romance novels, and writing even naughtier ones. She claims her stories come from the voices clamoring inside her head. Discover what else her twisted mind has devised at http://www.evelanglais.com.