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Aunt Donna, do me!

Jeff Atkins

Jeff Atkins

Aunt Donna, do me!


Donna Meadows knelt in front of her husband and sucked on his throbbing cock. As she chewed on his meaty cockhead, she pumped the long shaft of his prick with one hand. With the other hand, she cupped his balls and felt their power begin to build. They became tighter and tighter, and she knew that he was close to filling her mouth with his jism.

"That feels good. Donna!" Walt said. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head closer to his crotch. "Suck my prick. Let me fill your face with my cum!"

He took her head in both his hands and pumped her face on his prick. She opened her mouth wider and took the entire length of his massive cockshaft into her throat. She felt the first spurts of pre-cum trickle down her tongue. It felt smooth and comforting as it glided down her throat. She made a soft, purring sound and settled herself on her knees, ready to enjoy swallowing his load.

Suddenly he began to shoot his spunk into her mouth. The thick cum splashed against the back of her mouth, and she was afraid that she could not swallow it fast enough. She put both hands under her chin to catch any jism that she could not swallow.

"That's right, Donna!" he cried. "Gobble my cock! Eat my cum! Swallow my heavy load! Let me pump my cock into your cock-crazy face! Suck me dry!"

He began to pant as she gobbled wad after wad of thick, hot jism. Although she concentrated on swallowing as much of his spunk as she could, some bubbled out of her mouth. It filled her hands and some dripped through her fingers to the floor. She rocked forward onto his cock faster and faster, eager to take his entire load into her hungry mouth.

With one last, shuddering, explosive spurt, he shot his last wad against the back of her mouth. She swallowed it and then licked his cock dry. Then she slurped up the jism that she had caught in her hands. It was thick and sweet.

She buried her face in her hands as she sucked up the last of his spunk.

He pulled her to her feet and sucked her heavy tits. He thrust a finger into her cunt and felt her boiling hot pussy-juices leaking out of her fuckhole.

"Fuck me, honey!" Donna said. "Fuck me with that giant cock! Fill me with your prick. Fuck me! Fuck me!"