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Raped young runaway

John Kellerman

John Kellerman

Raped young runaway


"What you say your name was?" The big cop glowered down at Bobbie Ann.

She tried to make her voice huskier but it quavered just the same.

"Bob," she managed to get out. She could feel her small tits pressing out against the elastic band she used around her chest.

The cop's hand slipped up her belly, up across her baggy sweater. He grinned, and somehow she thought he looked even more evil smiling than frowning.

"Hey, Barney, I think we got a weird one here. This ain't no boy." He laughed. "Not unless boys are coming with tits this year."

Barney, the other cops swaggered up from alongside the patrol car.

The turning red light blinded Bobbie. She looked straight ahead, trying not to panic as the cop's hand searched lower now. We jerked the front of her jeans open and his fingers slipped under her panties. Bobbie gave a moan as he divided her cuntlips and drew his fingertip along the wet heat of her cuntslit.

"Ohhhhhh, don't!" she gasped. "Please, d-d-don't!"

The cop smelled his fingertips while she quickly re-buttoned her Levi's.