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Spread wide sister

John Kellerman

John Kellerman

Spread wide sister


Robyn was trying to figure out a way to come up with five dollars. Five was all she needed to get the silken, purple bikini she'd been eyeing at Harrison's Department Store in town. She knew somebody was going to buy that beautiful thing unless she got down there that very morning. If her parents were home, she might have asked her mother for a quick loan, but they had gone to her Uncle Allen's cabin for the weekend. There was only one other way she might come up with the cash and Robyn wasn't too optimistic. Her brother, Doug, was pretty tight with his money when he had any.

Swinging her coltish legs out of bed, Robyn glanced at her red hair as she passed the mirror, stopping long enough to run a brush through it. It fell over her shoulders and cascaded down the tops of her firm, white tits. She was beginning to notice the subtle curves of her body. Her nipples were tender and sometimes a little sore. Between the lips of her cunt, she seemed to tingle about half the time. Finger-fucking only helped for a little while.

She had gone to bed wearing only the top of her shorty nightgown, and it barely hid the curly thatch of red cunt hair. She dug her middle finger along the softness of her pussy, opening herself. There was a sound as her fingertip dipped into the juicy flesh. She felt satin smooth in there. Robyn wondered if that was why boys were always so anxious to get their fingers into a girl's panties.

Robyn went out of her room and turned down the hall toward her brother's room. She rarely bothered to knock, so this time she didn't either. Yet, when she pushed the door open, she realized she'd made a mistake.

Doug was naked on his bed, his cock sticking up from his crotch. Robyn had never seen it so big! The shaft was glistening with baby oil as were her brother's fingers. The tip of his cock was dusky-blue and very fat. Robyn put her hand to her mouth and stepped back. Doug was glaring at her.

"What the hell do you want?"

"Nothing… I was just going to ask you if you might loan me five bucks. I'm sorry, Doug, I didn't mean to barge in… I…"

Robyn turned and stumbled back into the hall. She was about to run when she heard Doug call her name.

"If you want five dollars, you'll have to earn it."

She didn't know why she went back into Doug's bedroom. Except that she wanted that five dollars very badly. He was still squeezing and rubbing his cock. Robyn tried not to look at it, but found she could look at nothing else.