Tantric Sex


Tantric sexuality can help you awaken your sexual energy and can take you to a higher level of sexual energy. When you make love with one another (it’s not “to one another” but “with each other”), tantric sex can help you make that connection last for at least a half an hour.

When you participate in tantric sex, you are activating those nine chakras during your union with your partner. When you activate all nine, you are able to experience bliss for longer and in a stronger sense.

Tantric sex isn’t a fetish or something dirty. It’s an art form that combines meditation with an open mind while you are engaging in sexual intimacy with your partner.

Curious about what tantric sex is all about? Here’s a sneak peak into the intricacies of tantric sex. First, make sure that the environment is sexy, romantic, and inviting.

Use fragrances that you like and that stimulate all of your senses – not just your sense of smell. Light candles and play some soft music that you find soothing. Dress in clothing that will come off easily, like a robe. In tantric sex, the color red is used most often since it represents fertility.

Choose some aphrodisiacs that you find appealing. For example, it is said that oysters are an aphrodisiac but not everyone finds it appealing. If you don’t, choose something different: strawberries, chocolate, etc.

This is only the beginning of tantric sex. It is called the awakening. Sit down, facing your partner, with your legs crossed or with your knees in front of your partner. Feel the environment.

Gaze into your partner’s eyes. Move your palm all over your partner’s body in order to awaken his or her nerves.

Allow your partner to do the same with you. As you touch one another, tease them with long strokes all along the length of their body.

Get close to the most intimate sections of their body (the sections which are the most sensitive to him or her), however don’t touch those areas.

Why is it drawn out like that? When you’re engaged in tantric sex, it isn’t the climax which is considered the most important but all of the actions that lead up to it. What most people call foreplay, tantric sex experts consider to be the most important.

Yes, you connect physically during the actual act of sex. However, there are different connections that are made before the act of sex – during that foreplay period which most people just shrug off or ignore.

Even the final act after the act of sex is important. It is called “bidding farwell to the energy” and involves letting that energy slow at its own pace while staying connected (by physical touch – hand to knee) to your significant other.

Instead of just rolling over, you are staying connected with your partner and allowing yourselves to draw apart in a calm and intimate way.