Phone melody

Mobile phones began their journey in the distant post-war one thousand nine hundred and forty-seventh year. It was a forty-kilogram apparatus, and was located in a car. By the seventies, such phones already had a weight of ten, twelve kilograms, but still they had power from an external source, mainly from the same car.

In one thousand nine hundred and sixty-seven, portable radios were invented. The first analogues of a mobile phone appeared in one thousand nine hundred and seventy-third, weighing a little more than a kilogram. But only ten years later, cell phones went on sale. It was an apparatus weighing eight hundred grams worth four thousand dollars. He could work an hour on one battery charge, and had one melody.

Now on our phones in the role of a call you can put any music. There are many sites where thousands of ready-made ringtones are posted. is one of them where you can download your favorite melody for free.

The first phone where a melody was used instead of a call was the Nokia 1011 phone, which sounded for only three seconds. A full-fledged ringtone appeared in the Nokia 2110 as early as one thousand nine hundred and ninety-fourth with the name “ringtone type 7”

The background was as follows. In one thousand nine hundred and ninety-three, Anssi Vanyoki and Lauri Kivinen, if you take the positions, this is Nokia Vice President and Head of Corporate Communications, chose a fragment of Italian composer Francisco Tarregg's composition for solo guitar “Gran Vals”, which was written in another one thousand nine hundred and two. Beats of this composition, namely from 13 to 16.

For reference, Francisco Tarrega was the founder of the classical guitar playing, and the popularizer of this solo instrument, and preferred a small audience.

At the end of one thousand nine hundred and ninety-seven, Nokia 6110 appeared, where this melody already had the name "Grande Valse".

At the end of one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine, musicians Jimmy Cauty and Guy Pratt released their famous single “I Wanna 1-2-1 With You” which already recognized the Nokia ringtone. After some time, the group “Super Furry Animals” even released the single “Wherever I Lay My Phone (That’s My Home)” which was based on a phone theme.

In the same year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine, the tune received the final name “Nokia Tune” and became the company's flagship ringtone.